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Like the lattice of honeycomb, HoneyWorks builds connection to other dancers, musicians, actors and designers to keep a healthy network of inspiration and reciprocal support. Like the bees of a beehive, HoneyWorks artists energetically engage in the various tasks of shared effort to make a final product that is as transformative as pollen into honey. Like honey, HoneyWorks’ productions are not of or for a particular culture or people, and the work we share is made to touch audiences on a universal, human level. Like all things sweet and sticky, HoneyWorks leaves audiences with something enjoyable that will stay impactful for each individual long after the performance.

HoneyWorks was officially established in 2020 to develop dance projects through collaboration with various creative individuals in Ahlgren’s network. Through the years of producing work, what has become apparent is the passion and interest to support other performing artists in their journeys. HoneyWorks achieves this by making ensemble work that contracts artists on a project by project basis and also creates performance opportunities for Works-in-Progress of its contracted artists to share on a joint bill.



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