photo cred: Kara Hakanson, on the set of “Only Dance Can Save Us”

photo cred: Kara Hakanson, on the set of “Only Dance Can Save Us”

Mark your calendar, 2019-2020 season IS a busy one!

-Premiere of my work “At Least, At Last”, as well as performing in Elly Holonhorst’s “We Met Under the Juniper Tree”, as part of the program Interlace running August 22-24, at the historic Southern Theater. Minneapolis, MN. (kickstarter campaign:

-Performing in the premiere of Ashwini Ramaswamy’s “Let the Crows Come”, commissioned through the Liquid Music Series. November 8-9, Lab Theater, Minneapolis. (Tour dates: Lanesboro, MN March 6-7; New York, NY April 8-10; Amherst, MA April 14; Lancaster, PA April 17; Cleveland, OH April 24)

-Release of “Helen”, a dance film made in collaboration with cinematographer Robert Uehlin. Developed and shot while in residence at The Dance Barn. Premiered July 27th, 2019.

-Premiere of KNAB (working title), a physical theater+dance production co-created with Nathan Keepers with support from the Cowles Center through their Merges in March season programming. March 13-14, Cowles Center for the Arts, Minneapolis.

-Performing with HatchDance through the Cowles Center’s Merges in March season programming. March 27-28, Cowles Center, Minneapolis.

-Release of “Only Dance Can Save Us”, a film written and directed by John J. Kaiser, of which I choreographed and performed. Date and location of premiere to be announced. (indegogo campaign:

-Featured “Happy Hour” choreographer in Arena Dances Candy Box Dance Festival. Premiere or remounted choreography TBD. April 27-May 2, Southern Theater, Minneapolis.